Chartered by American Legion Post 295, Germantown, Maryland

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September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome Back - We hope you all had a good summer and are glad you will join us for another exciting year in Cub Scouts. Our first Pack meeting will be held Wednesday, September 26st at Jones Lane ES and will start promptly at 7:15 pm (note that this isn’t our normal 3rd Wednesday). Returning scouts please be in full uniform – NEW scouts do NOT need worry about the uniform for the first meeting. Dues: Your Scout’s den leader will be collecting dues for the year - $70 for the Lions and Tigers and $90 for all the other boys. Please bring a check in the proper amount made out to “Pack 436” - it's important that we have all the boys covered before the camp out on Sept 29.

Boating – September 16, Black Hills Park - – We’ll be starting the year with an outdoor activity – boating at Black Hills Regional Park, on the afternoon of Sunday September 16 at 2 pm (this is the rain date after our September 9 rainout). We won’t be doing any sign-up in advance – you’ll get a boat when you’re there. Some key elements to note:

New Scout Recruiting - We’d like to make a real effort this year to see if we can add plenty more Cub Scouts to our Pack. We have several things underway:

Remember that any boy in grades K through five is welcome to join even if they do not attend Jones Lane Elementary School. If you know of ANY boys who may be interested in joining, but cannot attend Join Scouting Night, their parents can contact Eric Victory at or Howie Draisen at for more information.

Call for Volunteers - The experiences that we provide our boys as part of Scouting don't just happen by themselves – they require dedicated effort and support from parent volunteers. As with prior years, we are asking that all our families volunteer for at least one position or activity within the Pack. We have done our best to offer a variety of roles, from those requiring some pretty intensive work focused at a specific time to those with a somewhat less intense commitment running throughout the Scouting year. We have worked to incorporate feedback on the volunteering system worked last year, and we're happy to continue to take suggestions for improvement.

Here are some of the positions we are currently looking to fill:

You'll note that for the activities requiring multiple people, the sign-up doesn't break down individual tasks - we'll leave it to the group of volunteers to decide how to split up the activities. We'll be doing sign-up again this year via Sign Up Genius. Please visit the following link: , which shows the positions available (and those already filled). If you have taken a look and have questions about what's available and/or when the activity would happen, or if there's something else you have in mind to volunteer for, please contact Eric Victory (

Popcorn Sales - We'll have order forms available at the September Pack meeting, and we'd recommend starting soon (the earlier the better before everyone else has started their fundraising events). This is the ONLY fundraiser for the Pack and traditionally raises a LARGE amount of money to be used for Pack events. More details will follow at the first Pack meeting.

Also, our onsite popcorn selling opportunity this year is split into a few blocks:

Pack 436 Website - The Pack 436 webiste is A copy of this newsletter as well as information about our meetings and events can be found on the website. The Pack calendar is on the website as a Google Calendar, events can be added to your own calendars by clicking on the "Goolge Calendar" button just below the calendar on the right-hand side. Contact Steve Meyer ( with any questions or comments.

Communication - We will continue communication via e-mail in the form of a monthly newsletter and occasional special announements. Your email address will NOT be given out to anyone and will be used for Cub Scout related events ONLY. Please keep us informed of any changes in e-mail addresses. If there are any changes, please contact Eric Victory at

Feedback - We encourage your feedback on ways that we can improve Pack 436. Please forward your input to Eric Victory (Committee Chairman) at or Howie Draisen (Cubmaster) at We appreciate your input!