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May Newsletter

May Pack Meeting – Advancement – May 21 st Our next Pack Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21st starting at 7:15 SHARP at JLES. This is the “advancement” meeting where ALL of our scouts will “graduate” to the next level. Please plan on attending with siblings, neighbors, relatives, and friends. Don’t forget your cameras! The Bears have setup; Wolves have opening and closing ceremonies; all will help clean up. Please also remember that this will be the boys’ last chance to earn achievements towards their current ranks (except for the current Webelos I den); after this they’ll begin working on advancements towards their next rank.

Congratulations to Anne Mulford and Rosemary DeRose! Both will be receiving the Seneca District Outstanding Unit Scouter award, in recognition for their dedicated leadership to the Pack. During her time with the Pack, Anne has served as our Popcorn Kernel, and as a Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader. Rosemary took on the Webelos Den Leader role for our group of Webelos that just graduated to Boy Scouts, and has also been the driving force in organizing our annual service project to Jones Lane ES.

Also Congratulations to our graduating Webelos 2 - we're very proud of all the boys for achieving their Arrow of Light awards, and we hope it's a step on the way to Eagle Scout! We'll take this last chance to say a fond farewell to the boys and their families and to thank all of you for being part of our Pack. It's great to see how many are continuing along into Boy Scouts. Finally, a special thanks to Kim and Todd Purring for offering up their house for the Arrow of Light, even though the weather didn't quite cooperate.

Adult Volunteers: As we approach the end of the current Scouting year, it's not too soon to start thinking about next year - we continue to rely on all of you as adult volunteers for each and every event we run. We're going to be losing a number of leaders this year and next, so if there is something you have in mind that you'd like to do (either an existing job or a need that you think isn't being currently filled), contact Eric and the job can be yours! The bottom line is that there is a lot of work to go around, and we all need to pitch in to contribute to the Scouting experience for our sons. Several in particular that we're pretty sure we'll need next year:

Thanks! For those who had a chance to participate, the Spring Campout and our annual service project to Jones Lane were both great successes. For our service project, we once again cleaned out Jones Lane Elementary School outdoor classroom - it was a great way of thanking the school where we are able to meet. A tremendous thanks to Jim and Gina Simone for organizing the camping, and Rosemary DeRose for setting up the service project, and to all who helped out with both activities. Thanks also to Nick Peet for organizing the Pack Hike, and Lisa Fischer for Chess Night.

Summer Camp: Outdoor camping is one of the great things the boys get to do as Scouts, and all the boys have the opportunity to attend a camp this summer:

Pack Summer Activities: Stay tuned to email over the summer - we're going to try to schedule an event or two this summer, like a picnic, Frederick Keys game, BBQ, meet-up-at-the-swimming-pool, bowling, etc. Better yet, if you would like to coordinate any of these events, please let Eric know ASAP. Thank you!

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